The Writers Studio Tutorial Program is designed for students who are not able to attend weekly workshops or wish to concentrate on their work on a one-to-one basis with one of our teachers. For the emerging writer, we teach the basics of persona creation and an array of techniques that are essential to understanding the writing process. For the more developed writer, we can assist in solidifying a narrative voice in fiction or poetry through a series of exercises. For the established writer, we can help in the revision of a fiction or poetry manuscript.

Our tutorials offer in-depth critiques of the student's writing, as well as suggestions for outside reading to help the student develop the craft necessary to achieve his or her goals. Tutorials are offered to adults and teenagers.

Tutorials are available to students in the New York, Tucson, San Francisco, and Amsterdam, as well as throughout the world. The cost is $1,900 for ten private sessions, each comprising approximately 90 minutes of teacher preparation and a one-hour meeting with the student to be conducted in person, via phone, e-mail or Skype. These sessions generally take place once a week or once every two weeks over a period of time that does not exceed six months.

To speak with a teacher and find out more, call 212-255-7075, or email us at

“I've been so, so happy with my tutorial. It has been an extraordinary creative experience, bringing enlightenment, encouragement and a marked change to my work. Perhaps the greatest gift has been renewed faith; in myself, as a writer.”

-Tutorial student