The Writers Studio welcomes beginning and advanced students to a unique workshop environment where fiction writers and poets learn to discover and nurture their own voices. Beginning students are offered a supportive environment and community in which they learn how to turn autobiographical fragments into successful narrative and poetic pieces. Advanced students are offered technical guidance and professional criticism while working on longer pieces.

The Writers Studio focuses on a writer's development as well as on specific pieces. Comprised of five distinct levels, The Writers Studio workshops address the needs of both the serious and casual writer. Students may take either one 10-week session or continue through a series of progressively demanding classes.

“The Writers Studio is a wonderful and necessary place: it offers both aspiring and accomplished writers a community and a place to try out new material, to explore and push the limits and their abilities to the fullest.”

- A.M.HOMES, author of Safety of Objects (HarperCollins 2003)

Where to start at The Writers Studio?

New York City: Level I |Level I in New Jersey | Level II | Level III | Level IV | Level V | Advanced Poetry | Tutorial | One-Day Workshop

Online: Level I | Level II | Level III | Level IV | Online Intermediate Poetry | Online Advanced Poetry

Tucson: Workshop | Intermediate | Advanced

San Francisco: Workshop | Intermediate | Advanced

Amsterdam: Workshop | Intermediate Workshop | Advanced Online | Online

LD Teacher Training: Teacher Training for LD Students