To take The Writers Studio online class you will need:

  • Computer capable of connecting to the internet
  • An internet connection (Via cable modem or DSL is preferable. With a landline connection, you are more likely to be "dropped" from chats when your ISP-internet service provider-detects that you are "idle".)
  • Email
  • AOL Instant-Message chat software (It's free, and you don't have to be an AOL member.)
  • Word Processing program (If you don't have Microsoft Word, make sure your word processing program allows you to create rich text format (.rtf) files, so that others can open and read your files.)
  • Patience. (There may be moments when you get booted off the chat, can't log on or can't upload a piece. When this happens, feel free to email me at the address listed below.)

You will be invited to join your online class via email. The assignments, chats and your writing will be uploaded to the online classroom. The chats, however, will take place on AOL Instant Messenger. AOL IM is free, and you don't have to belong to AOL to use it.

Supported operating systems are as follows:

  • Microsoft Windows ( 98, ME, 2000, XP)
  • Macintosh (OS 8.6 or higher)

Supported browsers are:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, versions 4 and higher
  • Netscape, versions 4 and 5 but not any version past 6

Other browsers, such as Opera, Lynx, etc., should work as long as your browser

  • accepts cookies and
  • can successfully browse MSN Groups.

Any valid account that allows you to receive attachments along with your email should be fine.

As I mentioned earlier, AOL Instant Messenger will be used for the chats. It's free and relatively easy to use and set up.


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