Feel Like Screaming?

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‘Maintaining Your Creative Spirit: Writing Through Constant Disruptions From The Outside World’ is a six-week class open to people new to The Writers Studio as well as current and former Writers Studio students.

How to deal with the constant disruptions of this present political climate? How to tolerate the constant badgering of one’s inner life, to safe-keep the preciousness of one’s very thoughts? Writers have always dealt with these questions, in the best and worst of times, and these, as many would agree, are certainly among the most challenging. Since The Writers Studio method specializes in zeroing in on the sanctity and perseverance of the writer’s desire to be both personal and public through the use of personas we thought a class that touches on all these matters would be helpful now.

During six classes students will be asked to do exercises using the personas of such writers as Camus, Whitman, Grace Paley, Yannis Ritsos, Czeslaw Milosz, Fernando Pessoa, Adrienne Rich, Claudia Rankine, Eduardo Galeano, and Marie Howe as a source of guidance and inspiration. Students will be asked to do exercises borrowing these personas and others in order to look more closely at what is so lavishly advertised and obscured by the media, to seek the fragile truth through the lens of these imaginative alter egos. And Lisa Bellamy, an accomplished poet, prose writer, and teacher, is doing just that in her own work. Here are four ideas she will help you make exercises out of:

Writing in the pressure cooker
Writing when you feel like screaming
Writing when the political / cultural conflict we are in makes it seem a) impossible to write or b) necessary to write and you don’t know how to start
Writing when you ask yourself whether it is worth while to even try to write in these times

This class is offered Online and in New York City.