Writing From Home–Online, Remote Live, and Hybrid Classes

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Remote live classes take the place of classes normally scheduled for San Francisco, Tucson, NYC, Hudson Valley, and Rome. They meet via video chat in real time. They are committed to preserving the best things about in-person classes — interactivity, energy and surprises, faces and voices, laughter and groans. We continue to get feedback from students and teachers grateful to have this human connection to new and familiar faces while living and working in isolation. The format of the live class is the same as when you attend class in person, with students and teachers enjoying the camaraderie of responding to your work and discussing the next week’s exercise. The technology is extremely easy to use, and teachers provide support if you have any issues.

Online classes follow our tried and true format, developed over 21 years. Exercises  and critiques by students and teachers are all uploaded to our secure classrooms on a weekly schedule. Students and teachers participate in a one-hour weekly typed chat where they discuss the work and the next week’s exercise. A transcript is always available for those unable to attend. A few classes hold their one-hour chat via live video, which is what we called a “hybrid class.” This is described below, is noted in the class description.

I am really enjoying the [online] class. I had my doubts about the format ([an online chat] not Zoom), but it actually works well and allows one to remain more anonymous when posting very vulnerable stuff.” —Judy G., Writers Studio Student

Online Hybrid classes: We are currently experimenting with what we call the “hybrid” model for a couple of our online courses. This means that everything remains the same as our tried-and-true online method (assignments posted in advance in our online classroom, critiques all written and posted) except the weekly one-hour chat will be a video chat rather than our usual typed one-hour chat. Those who don’t have video capability or prefer not to be on screen can participate with audio by calling in to a phone number we provide. For these classes, there is no recording or transcript of the chat available for students unable to attend. Please check the course descriptions to see which classes offer the hybrid online-video option. They include the following:

Online Journal Writing with a Persona. More info and register here.
Online Writing Prose Poetry. More info and register here.
Online Essays and the Persona Narrator. More info and register here for the Tuesday class and here for the Saturday class.

They are identified by the footnote 8 on the registration page. See the full lineup of classes and register here.