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Our Original Method Sets Us Apart

Our students have won Pushcarts, a Pulitzer, Emmys, admission to top MFA programs, and too many book and magazine publications to list. Become one of our students!

The Writers Studio was founded by Philip Schultz,
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, in 1987
Every week, I presented a new story. Finally something did click, the very thing that’s their specialty at The Writers Studio, emotional content. Before, my work was dead. When I brought in my breakthrough story, I felt I was carrying a weird animal in my bag. It was the first story I sold.
Jennifer Egan
former student at The Writers Studio, winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for A Visit from the Goon Squad (Alfred A. Knopf 2010)
People often ask me where they should go to study writing; hearing the diverse and remarkable readings from The Writers Studio faculty members, I know just what my answer will be.
Julia Glass
National Book Award winner for Three Junes (Random House 2002) and author of And the Dark Sacred Night (Pantheon 2014)

About The Writers Studio

For over three decades The Writers Studio has been helping students become stronger, more resourceful writers — with more craft at their disposal, more knowledge of what makes a piece of creative writing satisfying to a reader, and more access to the full range of their emotions and imagination.

We have developed our own teaching method, which gives students the opportunity to “try on” many different narrative approaches. In the process of studying and trying out the techniques found in a wide array of published work, students end up discovering their own material and voice. They also find a supportive community of like-minded classmates. The school is flexible enough to meet the needs of students at all levels of experience and commitment. Students can take a single six-or eight-week workshop, or proceed through a series of increasingly challenging classes.

“The most personal of the programs…”

– The New York Times

News and Updates

Eleanor Kedney Publishes New Poetry Collection with 3: A Tao Press
Eleanor Kedney, former Writers Studio Tucson Director, has published Twelve Days from Transfer, her new poetry collection, “about womanhood—how it is defined, celebrated, and feared.” Kedney’s narrator is this powerful collection is described as “teeter[ing] on a fulcrum between a desperate desire to give birth and the complex emotions surrounding the inability to do so.”…
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