Ongoing Writing Workshops

The Writers Studio, founded in 1987 by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Philip Schultz, offers ongoing writing workshops — both in person and online — designed to help students discover and nurture their own voices. We welcome students at all stages, from those who have only dreamed of writing fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction to those with MFAs hungry for additional serious, ongoing instruction. Students provide the desire to write and the willingness to learn, and we provide the structure, the technical know-how, the professional feedback, and the friendly community to enable them to reach their full potential.

Finding Your Voice

For over three decades The Writers Studio has been helping students become stronger, more resourceful writers — with more craft at their disposal, more knowledge of what makes a piece of creative writing satisfying to a reader, and more access to the full range of their emotions and imagination.

We have developed our own teaching method, which gives students the opportunity to “try on” many different narrative approaches. In the process of studying and trying out the techniques found in a wide array of published work, students end up discovering their own material and voice. They also find a supportive community of like-minded classmates. The school is flexible enough to meet the needs of students at all levels of experience and commitment. Students can take a single six-or eight-week workshop or proceed through a series of increasingly challenging classes.

Courses On-Site and Online

The Writers Studio offers classes in New York City, Tucson, San Francisco, Rome, and online during four six- and eight-week terms per year. As the Covid 19 pandemic wanes, some classes are offered online, and some are offered on-site with proof of vaccination and masks required in class. We also offer a Craft Class via live video that can be taken on its own or as a companion to the workshops, and individual tutorials for writers who would prefer to work one-on-one with a teacher, either in person or via live vide0, email or phone.

Readings, Events, and Updates

Students and the public alike are invited to our online reading series and the readings, lectures, and get-togethers we host in New York City, Tucson, San Francisco, and Rome. Our newsletter provides the details about these events along with publishing opportunities, tips, and news (with permission) about our students’ and teachers’ accomplishments — publications, awards, fellowships and residencies; we love to crow about their successes. Subscribe to our newsletter here.

Many of our students go on to pursue professional success as writers; many continue to write for pleasure while pursuing other careers. Either way, our long-time students tell us how gratifying it is to find a school and a community that revolves around self-expression and craft.

The Writers Studio has been a home to me for close to five years, and my understanding of my own messy process has been deeply enriched as a result. Truly, I am not the same writer I was when I started at The Writers Studio. I am more playful, less fragile and have been able to connect to bolder and more embodied narrators…all as a result of your extraordinary method and the incredibly generous and astute teachers who teach it. I remain deeply grateful for all that I learned in my years there. I give thanks to The Writers Studio for helping me find my words, my narrator, and my spoken voice.
Former NYC Master Class student