Hudson Valley Introductory Workshop (Turowski) – Summer 2019

Full course name:

Hudson Valley Introductory Workshop in Fiction and Poetry

Taught by:

Anamyn Turowski


Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019, 6:00 - 8:00pm EST


8 Tuesdays


730 Warren Street, Hudson, NY


If you are new to The Writers Studio, take this class.

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We ask all students who are new to The Writers Studio, regardless of writing background, to begin with our Introductory Workshop. This is because our school uses a unique method to help writers develop their creativity. Through close, guided readings of stories, poems, and memoir, students learn to identify the most dynamic and crucial element of craft: Persona Narrator.

An important goal of the workshop is to help writers understand that a narrative voice (the Persona Narrator) is born out of conscious creation and not merely the voice we use when speaking or keeping a journal. We encourage students to turn autobiographical fragments into publishable work by using different narrative personas to tell their stories in narrative forms that can exist in the world, rather than those that only make emotional sense to people who know the author.

Our exercises, which are based on published excerpts of poetry, fiction, and memoir, encourage students to experiment with narrative technique while simultaneously stimulating students’ imaginations and also serving as best examples of nuts-and-bolts narrative strategies. Students are free to write in whatever genre they are most drawn to in answer to each weekly exercise.

Although students in each Introductory Workshop will have differing writing backgrounds, everyone will be new to The Writers Studio Method and its “unique way in” to the creative process. All Writers Studio faculty members are trained to critique each student’s work at his or her individual level of writing experience.