Online Level 2 (Hinman)

Full course name:

Online Level 2 Workshop in Fiction and Poetry

Taught by:

Joel Hinman


Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016, 8:45-9:45pm EST


10 Tuesdays




This class is open to students who have completed Level 1 at The Writers Studio.

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This level is for students who have completed two terms of Online Level I and are eager to learn the elements of craft. Writers new to The Writers Studio may enter the school at Level II with the teacher’s permission. Those with publications, an MFA or two post-graduate writing courses are encouraged to apply. Through exercises, students experiment with narrative and poetic techniques, and identify these elements in their own work.

Each week, the teacher posts a short reading and an explanation of the technique used to make the work effective and engaging. An exercise based on that technique is then assigned. As students submit exercises on a weekly schedule, every member of the class has the opportunity to respond to every work, and on a given day of the week, the teacher responds to all the work. There are opportunities to revise and deepen exercises from earlier in the term.

Exercises and critiques from students and the teacher are all posted in the online classroom. There is an optional live chat one hour per week, which serves as a forum for students and the teacher to discuss the assigned reading and the exercises that resulted from it. The chat allows students to get to know each other and helps build a sense of community in the class. A transcript of the chat is posted to the classroom for students who were unable to participate in the chat.

Like other Writers Studio workshops, the Online Workshop meets for 10 weeks and utilizes the Writers Studio method, which since 1987 has helped writers reach their potential. The teacher, who has completed a three year training program, is uniquely qualified to give the support and literary instruction Level II students need to write successfully.  While Level II teachers may be fiction writers or poets, all have experience writing and teaching both genres. Techniques relevant to both fiction and poetry are taught in Level II, and students may expect to be assigned exercises stemming from works of fiction as well as poems.

Since 2001, the Online Workshops have enabled students from as far away as Scotland, Singapore, Alaska and Mexico, to benefit from the The Writers Studio nurturing environment and well-structured program. Local writers also prefer the Online Classes if their schedules prevent them from attending evening classes.

You can take this class using any device that connects to the internet, though students are more comfortable writing on computers and tablets, rather than phones. Technical support is available throughout the course. Class size is limited to 12 students.

Open to students who have taken Online Level I or by permission of the teacher.