Online Level 3 (Turowski)

Full course name:

Online Level 3 Workshop in Fiction and Poetry

Taught by:

Anamyn Turowski


Wednesday, Oct 5, 2016, 7:00-8:00pm EST


10 Wednesdays




This class is only open to fiction students who have completed Level 2 at The Writers Studio and by permission of the teacher.

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Students at this level are familiar with the technical terms that are the building blocks of The Writers Studio approach. There is increased focus on creating an individual voice and giving an emotional atmosphere or mood to each piece. This class asks students to recognize the specific qualities that make a narrative or poem engaging and entertaining to the reader. Online Level III is a three term course and follows the Craft Class syllabus and readings. In the third term, students enroll in the Craft Class as well as the workshop.

Each term, during the last two weeks of Online Level III, students have the opportunity to post several new pages of an exercise that worked well for them in an earlier assignment that term.

Open only to students who have completed Level II and upon recommendation of the teacher.