San Francisco Finishing Work to Submit for Publication (Jacobson) – Summer 2020

Full course name:

San Francisco Finishing Work To Submit For Publication

Taught by:

Kathie Jacobson


Tuesday, Jul 28, 2020, 6:30 - 8:30pm PST


6 Tuesdays


The Mechanics Institute Building, 57 Post Street, Room 702, San Francisco

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UPDATE: 7/5/2020: Students will attend San Francisco writing classes at their scheduled times via video chat (with or without cameras enabled) or by calling in to the live chat with your phone. Your exercises will be shared electronically, and the format of the live class will be the same as when you attend class in person, with students and teachers responding to your work and discussing the next week’s exercise.

Building on narrative techniques and strategies we have explored at The Writers Studio, fiction writers, memoirists and poets will work on sustaining persona narrators across full story arcs in longer works. Looking closely at the interplay of story-telling elements, such as scene, dialogue, themes, character development and stylistic flow, in story and poetry collections, students will share full-length drafts (up to 5000 words or cycles of 3-5 poems) that began in Writers Studio classes. Feedback will deal with creating and sustaining engaging persona narrators beyond our normal limits. Class is open to students with three or more upper level (intermediate and above) Writers Studio classes.