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Students will continue to attend NYC Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Memoir writing classes at their scheduled times via video chat (with or without cameras enabled) or by calling in to the live chat with their phones. While classes continue to meet remotely, students from outside of the New York City area are welcomed to register for classes with The Writers Studio New York branch.

Students taking NYC classes will submit their exercises electronically. During the video chat, students and teachers will respond to student work and discuss the next week’s exercise. Teachers will send students a link to the video chat and will provide support as needed. We hope you will continue to write and stay connected to our community during this time.

The Writers Studio, founded in 1987 by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Philip Schultz, offers ongoing writing workshops — both on site and online — designed to help students discover and nurture their own voices. We welcome students at all stages, from those who have only dreamed of writing fiction or poetry to those with MFAs hungry for additional serious, ongoing instruction. Students provide the desire to write and the willingness to learn, and we provide the structure, the technical know-how, the professional feedback and the friendly community to enable them to reach their full potential.

Our New York City classes take place in an informal classroom setting in lower Manhattan, with select classes in Brooklyn. We understand how vulnerable students can feel sharing their words with a room full of strangers, so we take care to make everyone feel at home. In just a couple of weeks, a remarkable degree of solidarity and trust tend to develop in each workshop.

In Level I, the emphasis is on building a solid foundation in craft as students do exercises designed to introduce them to a wide array of new narrative approaches. We also teach students to give constructive, supportive feedback. We work to assure that critiques build on each other, so that students never leave the class with a head full of conflicting reactions and suggestions. As students move up through the levels, the basic structure of the workshops remains the same, but the level of sophistication grows across the board. Assignments become more challenging to meet the increasing skill and understanding of the students. In the upper levels students are generally working on longer pieces, but they continue to do exercises, always honing their skills and deepening their understanding.

All students new to The Writers Studio in New York City start at Level I. Since we approach teaching with our own method and vocabulary, even experienced writers with publications and/or MFAs will find plenty that is new and challenging in Level I.

We also encourage our New York City students to take advantage of our other local events: the Craft Class and our ongoing reading series. Each year we showcase the work of favorite literary journals, new and established published authors, and the work of our own students and teachers. Students invite their families and friends to these events, which helps us introduce The Writers Studio to the larger community.

For more information, please call us at (212) 255-7075 or visit us on Facebook.

I still can’t believe my luck stumbling upon such a vibrant community of smart, like-minded, engaged writers. TAMAR SCHREIBMAN, NYC student