About NYC Level 3 Courses

Students at this level have a solid grounding in the tenets and technical terms that are the building blocks of The Writers Studio approach. Focus turns to enriching the work by creating an individual voice and tapping into an underlying emotion. This class asks students to recognize the specific qualities that make a narrative or poem engaging and entertaining to the reader.

Each term, students have an opportunity to extend an exercise from any previous Writers Studio class into a draft, bringing in two pages each week as they work on sustaining a narrative voice that will propel them to the end of a story. The goal is to identify what the benefits and pitfalls of the narrator might be, deepen the mood of the story, and develop characters. In the third term of Level 3, students enroll in the Craft Class as well as the workshop.

Open only to students who have completed Level 2 and upon recommendation of the teacher.

This class meets at Village Community School at 272 West 10th Street.

For more information, please call us at (212) 255-7075 or visit us on Facebook.

The writers and teachers of The Writers Studio distinguished themselves with their skill, passion, and vision. It’s the most remarkable community writing program I have ever known.
editor of The Kenyon Review, professor of English Kenyon College

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