About NYC Level 4 Courses

The goal of this class is to help students use a full range of technique in order to access greater emotional freedom and depth in their work. Emphasis is placed on creating and sustaining an effective artistic distance. This sophisticated technical element is further explored in The Writers Studio Craft Class, which must be taken in order to participate. Students at this level work on publishable short stories and poems.

Each eight-week term, in addition to keeping current with exercises, students are invited to submit a 10-page rough draft of a story for critique. We schedule the story night for each student at the beginning of the term. Students are encouraged to share stories based on Writers Studio exercises, and to indicate on their finished piece which exercise inspired the story.  Students email their stories to the class and the teacher two days before their night. The second half of class, after the usual exercise critiques, is spent discussing that story.

Open only to students who have completed Level 3 and upon the recommendation of the teacher. Class meets virtually.

For more information, please call us at (212) 255-7075 or visit us on Facebook.

The generous intellectual environment of The Writers Studio was immediately and everywhere apparent on the evening I read there. I enjoyed it immensely and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a stimulating place to try to advance their craft.
author of The Privileges (Random House 2010), Pulitzer finalist

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