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NYC Open to All

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About NYC ‘Open to All’ Courses

Workshops that are open to all use The Writers Studio method of persona writing to address issues in our complex, changing world.

In all on-site Writers Studio Workshops, we ask students to remain silent when their classmates and the teacher offer feedback. Though this may seem harsh at first, the policy is enormously helpful, as it lets students take in the information calmly and without the reflexive tendency to grow defensive. The workshops are designed to help students learn from their own work, as well as from the work of others. As the student’s understanding of technique deepens so does the emotional power of the writing.

Class meets in Greenwich Village at The Village Community School, 272 West 10th Street. Bring a photo i.d. to sign in at the front desk.

For more information, please call us at (212) 255-7075 or visit us on Facebook.

There are plenty of snooty environments offering courses in writing. The Writers Studio is not one of them. You’re a writer if you say you’re a writer, and we all know how hypnotically wonderful and also how hard it is to be one. The students of the Writers Studio absorb and learn, and then they actually go out and produce work that gets published. MATTHEW KLAM, author of Sam The Cat (Vintage, 2001) and Who Is Rich? (Random House, 2017)