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Online Advanced Poetry

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Online Advanced Poetry

Students at this level are writing poetry with a focus on creating strong narrative personas and making skillful use of mood and tone. To build students’ technical skills, the teacher presents writing exercises involving free verse and traditional forms such as sonnets and sestinas as well as meter and syllabics.

The students follow the Writers Studio Craft Class syllabus — along with readings distributed by the teacher — from which the exercises are taken.

The workshop operates like all The Writers Studio online workshops, with a weekly assignment, a live one-hour weekly chat, and the posting of critiques in the online classroom. For students who are unable to participate in a chat, we post the transcript online. Starting with the third session, students also take the Writers Studio Craft Class.

Many poets submit the work they do in this class to literary journals, writing contests, residency and MFA applications, often with success.

The Online Advanced Poetry Workshop is open to students who have poetry publications, an MFA or four post-graduate writing courses, or have completed Level II at The Writers Studio. Places in this workshop are awarded on a case-by-case basis.

To apply, please write to the workshop teacher, Rachael Nevins, at

The teacher’s generosity, support, kindness, praise, direction, suggestions, and hard work have given me a love of writing and helped me to find my unique voice. SHIRLEY SULLIVAN, Online student