About Online Level 1 Courses

Our Online Level I workshop is an introduction to the philosophy on which The Writers Studio was founded in 1987 by Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Philip Schultz. Persona writing, a method of borrowing the voice and temperament of accomplished writers, offers writers the imaginative distance and perspective they need to overcome their negative inclinations, their fear of self-exposure and endless doubt. This method also helps writers try on different voices, or personas, to develop narrative and lyric voices to be used as a tool for unlocking one’s most intimate and private stories and turning even their most difficult subject matter into inspiration for writing fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

Weekly exercises based on short pieces of published work are turned into assignments designed to introduce students to various literary styles and approaches and broaden their sense of what is possible in their own work. As the student’s understanding of technique deepens so does the clarity and emotional power of the writing. Teachers provide written weekly critiques of each student’s work, a degree of attention nearly unheard of elsewhere. The teacher also leads weekly one-hour discussions of technique via Google Meet or typed chat.

To take a class, all students need is a computer or tablet with an internet connection. A link to our friendly online classroom is emailed to you after you register, and tech support is available throughout the class.

Having let my creative writing chops atrophy over the years because of the demands of making it as a scientist has not done much to feed my real needs. I must say this class has provided more stimulation, support, and interesting exchange than I could have possibly hoped for.
Online student

Available Online Level 1 Intro to Fiction & Poetry Courses