About San Francisco Advanced Workshops

Students at this level have a solid grounding in the tenets and technical terms that are the building blocks of The Writers Studio approach. Focus turns to enriching the work by creating an individual voice and tapping into an underlying emotion. This class asks students to recognize the specific qualities that make a narrative or poem engaging and entertaining to the reader.

The San Francisco Advanced Workshop follows the Craft Class syllabus (along with readings distributed by the teacher) from which exercises are taken. Students at this level are tapping into their personal  material and beginning to work on completing stories and poems.

Open only to students who have completed The Writers Studio San Francisco Workshop and Intermediate Workshop, and upon recommendation of the teacher.

The Writers Studio San Francisco classes meet once a week for eight weeks.  For more information, please contact Gail Ford at (510) 406-0520 or gail@writerstudio.com.

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