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Do you live with realities that shock, delight, and implore you? Do you have expertise, confusions, curiosities, appreciations, denunciations that you want to share in a way that others can hear? This six-week class will support you in identifying and using techniques to help you write a compelling essay.

Over the course of the class, the teacher guides students through published works by notable essayists to see how their use of persona narrator and other elements of craft help them both to live into their material and to welcome the reader.

This virtual class is open to all and offered via Zoom.

Upon completion of three terms of Online Essays and the Persona Narrators, students are eligible for Online Advanced Essays and the Persona Narrator.

The teacher’s generosity, support, kindness, praise, direction, suggestions, and hard work have given me a love of writing and helped me to find my unique voice.
Online student

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