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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where should I start at The Writers Studio?

Everyone new to The Writers Studio starts in Level I in NYC and Online, or the Workshop level in the other branches. There is one exception. Poets with an MFA in poetry may register for NYC or Online Advanced Poetry.

When should I take the Craft Class?

Students new to The Writers Studio who want to immerse themselves in our method sometimes register for the Craft Class in addition to a workshop. Each week the class reads a work of classic or contemporary literature and attends or listens to a 90-minute class in which the teacher explains the techniques used to make that work effective. At the end of the class an exercise is given based on that week’s reading.

The Craft Class meets Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00 PM in NYC, but due to scheduling or geography, the majority of the students do not attend in person. The weekly craft classes are made available to students via podcast.  Students who take Craft along with a workshop deepen their understanding of writing at a faster pace, and spend more time reading as writers than students who just take a workshop.

Starting with the Craft Class is another way to study at The Writers Studio. It is important to note, in this case, that the class that meets on Tuesdays is not a discussion class, but a lecture with some advanced students involved in the lecture. A new student attending the class in person should go prepared to listen. Also, when the craft class is taken alone, there is no teacher available to review the exercises if the students chooses to do them.

Should I study Online or in an on-site branch?

Participate in whichever type of workshop is most comfortable for you. Some students who live near one of branches take online classes because they feel less vulnerable sharing their work online. Others go back and forth between on-site and online classes due to scheduling and travel constraints. We have some students who have worked with us consistently online since we started offering online classes in 2001. Everyone does what’s best for them.

Should I take a tutorial?

Writers who are working on novels or poetry manuscripts that they want to focus on exclusively, or students who wish to start writing with an intensive and entirely personal program designed only for them should take a tutorial. Tutorials may be taken in person in locations where there are Writers Studio branches, or by email, phone and/or Skype from anywhere in the world.

Why doesn't The Writers Studio hire famous writers to teach?

Some writers don’t struggle with their writing, but the students who come to us have generally encountered some hurdles, such as not knowing where to start, not being able to write convincingly, or not connecting emotionally in their work. All of our teachers have struggled with their own writing, and are trained to help students overcome the natural hurdles they encounter.

Do you teach screenplay, memoir, children's book or creative non-fiction writing?

The Writers Studio teaches fiction and poetry writing techniques that students have used successfully to write memoirs, documentaries, television shows, magazine and newspaper articles, and books for young readers. Once a writer has a command of various narrative techniques and uses language effectively and convincingly, there is nothing he or she can’t write.

I took classes at The Writers Studio for a while, and then stopped. Now I want to come back. Which level should I register for?

Register for the level you qualified for when you left. If you were supposed to move into Level III, start at Level III. Or you may register for a level you already completed, if that’s where you feel more comfortable. The important thing is to get back to writing.

The teenager in my life wishes to study at The Writers Studio. Do you have classes for writers age 13-18 who have not yet graduated high school?

Yes. In the fall of 2017 we are introducing an Online Creative Writing Workshop for teens age 13-18.

Private tutorials are also available for writers 13-18.

In addition, The Writers Studio Kids Write provides creative fiction and poetry workshops to high school students living in Brooklyn. After-school workshops and an intensive summer writing camp are offered free of charge in Bedford-Stuyvesant at the Beacon Center inside Middle School 35. The purpose of these workshops is to help high school students discover their personal voices through writing and reading contemporary fiction and poetry.

Do you offer scholarships?

The Writers Studio does not offer scholarships. Many students who work in book and magazine publishing, advertising, corporate communications, and as teachers are reimbursed for their workshop fees by their employers. In some cases, payment plans may be arranged by calling 212-255-7075.

How can I invite Philip Schultz to give a reading or a talk to my school or organization?

Please contact his reading agent, Miyako Hannan, at Blue Flower Arts, LLC. PO Box 1361, Millbrook NY 12545 or

I would like to reprint Philip Schultz's poetry in an anthology, magazine, or newsletter. How do I gain permission?

Kindly contact his literary agent, George Borchardt,, 136 East 57 St., 14th floor, NY NY 10022-2707.

I have more questions

Call 212-255-7075 to discuss how The Writers Studio may be right for you, or email: with your questions.

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