Andrea Marcusa

Andrea Marcusa’s literary fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Gettysburg Review, Citron Review, Baltimore Review, Raleigh Review, and other publications. She has received recognition for her writing in a range of competitions, including Smokelong, Cleaver, Southampton Review, Raleigh Review, and others. Andrea began her career in newspapers and magazines where she earned bylines with The Christian Science Monitor, Newsday, and Glamour magazine. Her memoirs have been published in various collections, including In the Fullness of Time(Simon and Schuster). She studied English at University of London and Vassar College where she earned a B.A. Currently, she divides her time between creating literary works, teaching, and traveling to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. She is a member of The Writer’s Studio Master Class where she studies with Philip Schultz.