My visit to The Writers Studio was a revelation. Here, poets and writers draw lessons in craft and art from a spirited and rigorous exploration of writing that has moved them in some way. This is a decidedly inspired and inspiring way to help acquire and hone the skills needed to step into the abiding mysteries of the imaginations given to each of us. I highly recommend The Writers Studio!
New York Times best-selling author of Townie and House of Sand and Fog, and Dirty Love

Finding The Writer’s Studio has been the best thing for my writing. Their focus on voice unlocks creativity and has pushed me to do my best work. I plan to continue to take classes here for a long time to come!

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in four memoir classes. My teacher is a thoughtful, patient and caring teacher and expert guide through the method. She shares her considerable literary knowledge, as well as her own experience as a writer generously and joyfully. The prompts were clearly chosen with thought and purpose, each week building on the next in a manner that felt seamless and cohesive. These classes have elevated my writing and given me the confidence to continue.
MICHELE C., memoir student

I’ve been so, so happy with my tutorial. It has been an extraordinary creative experience, bringing enlightenment, encouragement and a marked change to my work. Perhaps the greatest gift has been renewed faith; in myself, as a writer.
NYC Tutorial student

I had been experiencing 10 years of writer’s block, and after one year in the Tucson branch of The Writers Studio, I published my first piece.
ISAAC KIRKMAN, Tucson Advanced Workshop student

I have learned more in your class in the last few weeks than I have in any class I have taken in the past. And at 54, that is a lot of classes.
KATHLEEN SPECK, NYC and online student

The Writers Studio atmosphere is supportive, non-judgmental, and so conducive to learning. The basic concepts of persona narrator, tone and mood have finally penetrated my thick skull, and having a structure to write in is exhilarating. I have met authors I never knew of. I am learning to find material inside myself, and to examine it honestly.
DAVID WATERS, NYC Level 3 student

THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR ONE OF THE BEST CREATIVE WRITING CLASSES I’ve ever taken. I could not recommend it more highly. The focus on technique is invaluable and our instructor is such a constructive and supportive teacher.
ANN LEES, Online student

Sound pedagogy, caring  and talented teachers, eager and talented classmates.
JANICE HOFFMAN, Online student

Leading quietly, pushing softly, guiding patiently, and always respecting the writer in us – this is how I have come to know you. Each weekly chat has been a lively discussion about craft and technique and an exchange of creative ideas for an exercise or for our own work in progress. (I have collected all the transcripts to keep for future reference.) Your feedback to each assignment? Always honest, clear and helpful. This term, my first with you, has been a great experience. I want to thank you for that.
VREDY LYTSMAN, Online Level 5 student

I’ve tried a number of writing groups and a few of those one-week writing conferences and nothing compares to what this class taught me about fiction writing. Your critiques were incredibly helpful, too. Thanks again.
PAT MALAY, Online Level 1 student

I have LOVED this class and learned a tremendous amount! It has been incredibly enlivening and challenging on so many levels, so THANK YOU!!
MARTHA KAHANE, PhD, Online Level 1 student

I had never taken a fiction writing class before. For one of our first class assignments, I wrote a short piece about an older Indian man, recently divorced, who was experimenting with Internet dating, and navigating a complicated relationship with his adult daughter and ex-wife. I have returned many times to that fictional character and his family. In fact, I wrote a novel about that family—written very slowly and revised over many nights and weekends. My dream of being a published novelist is at last coming true. My debut novel, Late Bloomers, is due out in spring 2023 with Random House…. I am so unbelievably grateful to have walked into that Writers Studio class those many years ago.
DEEPA VARADARAJAN, former online student, author of Late Bloomers

If you’re someone who’s shy and not confident about your writing, this class will help you get over your fears and boost your confidence. Getting feedback for your writing is crucial to improving your work. The instructor, Scott, is honest and kind, and very encouraging. We had a great group who took critiquing very seriously and was also encouraging and supportive of each other. Highly recommend taking this workshop.
MARIE S., NYC Level 1 student

The essence of the Writers Studio approach is to recognize, value, and convey the emotional content of the characters, the story. Without it (not to mention, of course, all the technical coaching), I’m not sure I’d have been able to get as far as I have. I grew up in a family where feelings were supposed to be as quiet, or non-existent, as possible. So, to be constantly invited to convey them in fiction is a wonderful thing.
JANE SHERWIN, Online Level 5 student