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The Writers Studio Online

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Our International Online Literary Community

We started The Writers Studio Online Program in 2001, and now offer the same six levels online that we have developed in our New York City school. We have taught online students from every region of the U.S. and places as diverse as Mexico, Tuscany, Tasmania, and an air-force base in Vietnam.

The Online Program uses the same technique-oriented method as our other workshops, and is available to all. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t live near any of our on-site classes. We also encourage busy or peripatetic students to move back and forth between online and New York City or branch workshops if that helps them stay connected to their work. Consider it too if traveling or hearing poses an obstacle. Often students who feel shy about jumping into an on-site class thrive in the online environment — after all, what could make more sense than a writing class in which students and teacher know each other strictly through their words?

Feedback and Support

Online teachers post weekly exercises in our online classroom, with a regular weekly due date for students to submit their work as well as several peer critiques. The class also includes an optional weekly one-hour live typed chat (with no video or sound component) in our chat room, held at times that are convenient for students in the Eastern Standard or Central European time zone. Think of the chat as a class, with a mix of live typed discussion, instruction and analysis of the week’s assignment. If your time zone or schedule makes it impossible for you to attend the chats, you can still feel like a full participant in the class through your writing, critiques and comments on the message forum. We post each week’s chat transcript immediately afterward in the classroom. Serious feedback is also a big part of the class. Students write and receive several weekly peer critiques. And the teacher writes a weekly critique of each student’s assignment — a degree of attention that is nearly unheard of in other writing classes.

Hybrid Experiment During Pandemic Time

We are currently experimenting with what we call the “hybrid” model for a few of our online courses. This means that everything remains the same as our tried-and-true online method (assignments posted in advance in our online classroom, critiques all written and posted) except the weekly one-hour chat will be a live video chat on Google Meets rather than our usual typed one-hour chat in our dedicated chat room. Those who don’t have video capability or prefer not to be on screen can participate with audio by calling in to a phone number we will provide. There is no recording or transcript available for these chat sessions. Please check the course listings to see which classes offer the hybrid online-video option.

All you need to take an online class is the following:

  • A computer, tablet or phone with a high-speed internet connection
  • An e-mail account
  • A word processing program
  • The ability to save files as PDF or RTF
  • One of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE10 or greater.

In addition to the book, one of the most worthwhile benefits of my Writers Studio experience has been the ongoing friendship and writing support of a writer in Scotland and a writer in Florida. My experience with The Writers Studio shows that writers—wherever they live— can benefit from the New York studio training and be part of an international community of writers. The teacher’s comments on the first exercise helped me tremendously with rewrites. They alone were worth the cost of the class!
LIBBY JACOBS, former online student, author of Wolf Note (Rager Media 2005)